UHV Family Weekend

Family weekend was fun for students, their families, faculty, and staff as everyone attended the soccer tailgate for the women’s and men’s teams as they prepared to face the respective teams from LSU-Alexandria.

Offices and organizations from members of UHV’s campus provided free food, treats, games, and giveaway goodies for visiting families and others who attended the event. The International Programs Office’s table presented UHV Bingo complete with official bingo paraphernalia. Those who played were able to win prizes that corresponded with the letter they rolled from the bingo wheel.


The event also gave our international students the opportunity to complete volunteer hour requirements for receiving scholarships awarded to them. Several of our students turned out for the event and helped set up for the event, conduct the game, interact with families, and tear down once the tailgate was over. They were awesome! We even had one student drive from the Katy campus to participate. And, of course, they had lots of fun as they took table-attending and game-playing (and eating!) in turn.

After the work was done, there was nothing left but to cheer on our Jags teams for the women’s and men’s games the rest of the afternoon. Go, Jags!




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